Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dance Recital- May 16th

I couldn't pass up posting this picture. Brady is wearing her costume from the previous year! I have lots of these pictures to bribe him with later!
Grace got a medal and a doll with the same costume on. Her dance studio is great!

Palmer Family
Granna and Papaw came from TN to the recital too! The t-ball game got rained out, so they didn't get to see that, but I'm sure the recital gave them memories of the thousands of recitals they sat through for me!
Grace got tons of flowers from her family! Grammy and Pops came to the recital!
They used these umbrellas with string on them to show how they can walk on their tiptoes. The ribbon bounced and they loved it!
The theme was "Under the Sea" and the girls had no idea that Ariel was going to show up. Grace was in heaven dancing next to her!

The room was very dark, so it was hard to get good pictures. They did both tap and ballet and also showed us what skills and positions they had worked on all year. The little girls have their performance at the studio, but next year it will be full throttle with all the other big girls at a performance hall!

Sweet precious girl could NOT wait for her dance recital! She was excited because her tutu was bigger this year! She's not as shy this year, so she was all about performing! She actually had a lot more balance than some of the girls.

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