Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Each child made a placemat that had their handprints, and a MOM keychain. I think ours broke that very day! Oh well. I also got a precious glass plate that said my #1 job was being a mommy.
Right after Mother's Day, Brady had his Mother's Tea at school. He was SO excited to have me come to his class. They had a huge spread of food and sang a song about Spring. Too cute!

All the men had to have a picture too.
All the mothers!
Sunday we had Mother's Day lunch at the Palmers. We had secretly had the kids' picture made for Grammy of her 3 grandkids. She loved it, of course!

I always love these pictures of kids eating their first cake! Caleb loved it!
Cousin Caleb had a cowboy 1st birthday party! We ate yummy fajitas and had a cowboy boot cake!

Poor brother! He wants to play so bad, and sometimes just sits on the bench wishing he could be out there! He's pretty good already!

Mommu and Grandad came in from Lubbock for the weekend. We had t-ball, our nephew's first birthday, and Mother's Day. It was a packed weekend! Josh's grandparents are the most precious people! So far they have been able to make one game per season for each great grandchild and every one of their birthdays. They have 16 great grandkids under age 6 and 2 more on the way! What troopers!

Grace looks so thrilled to be out in 100 degree heat in pants! At least she has pink shoes!

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