Thursday, July 23, 2009

America's Birthday! So glad we're still free!

Once it got darker, the kids were throwing those little pop-its. Not really fireworks, but good enough for them. They don't know any different, and it made a loud noise without fire!

I can't believe I don't have any pictures of this...but Carrie's parents had bought a ton of fireworks. It's illegal in Texas to shoot fireworks in a neighborhood, but what did they care? Carrie's mom was telling Carrie's dad, "Light this, shoot off that!" There were a couple of 7-10 fireballs that would shoot off, supposedly only supposed to go 15 ft. high. Well, those puppies were going 50 ft. and exploding over the house. All us young people were telling them to stop, that the cops might come, but the older folks sure didn't care. They were lighting up all sorts of fireworks! It was hilarious! Finally, Carrie's dad said that was enough...he didn't want to be arrested! It was a super fun day/night!

We drove to see the Frisco fireworks once it got really dark, and we waited and waited and nothing was happening. Finally, hot pregnant momma had enough and we went home. We did get home in time to see them out of Brady's bedroom window. Oh well, maybe next year we'll see a better show! The next day the kids were telling everybody, "We didn't see the fireworks because my mom wasn't feeling good." Thanks! Blame the party-pooping on me!

Family Pic- July 4, 2009. Ignore my huge, sweaty self!

Roasting S'mores in the chiminea.
The kids also got to roast s'mores for the first time! They loved the roasting, but not the s'mores so much! They just wanted the Hershey's chocolate! Yummy!

We had TONS of food! There were hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, grilled corn, 2-3 salads, fruit, chips, beans, brownies, cupcakes...on and on! Carrie and her mom did us right! Good thing I can eat what I want for a few more weeks! Brady loved the iced brownies!

The kids and Josh got to swim again
Our sweet friends from church, Ross and Carrie, invited us to Carrie's parents for a party! How nice! We had a super good time!
On the 4th, we were really bummed because we actually had no plans. Josh wanted us to have a big cookout and invite a bunch of friends over, but with 4 weeks left until I deliver, I wasn't really up for a big shin-dig at our house. We had been swimming the day before and TRIED to make homemade icecream. What was left to do?

Here's the normal holiday pic where the mommy who used to teach has to dress her children up for every holiday! And I decorate the house for every holiday too. Just ask my college roomies! :) What is it about teachers? Always into holidays, wearing festive sweaters, etc.

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