Thursday, July 23, 2009

The end of June!

Grace cares nothing about mowing! She usually rides her bike or looks for rollie pollies. Oh the life of a 5 year stressful!!
I love when kids get about 3 and they start to mimic whatever their same sex parent does. Every time Josh mows, Brady has to get his mower and follow him all over the yard. Precious!

Our evening fun mostly consists of hanging out in the front yard. It's a bit cooler, so the kids can ride bikes, play with the neighborhood kids, eat popsicles, etc.

Sibling rivalry! Grace pushing Brady off the slide, while Paxton and Bowman innocently watch!

We had a playdate one day with Amanda and her kids Paxton, Bowman, and Kerrington. The kids played, did the slip-n-slide, then we all trekked to McDonald's. Summer is so fun with friends!
Pacey loved the slide! Sweet thing! We were glad she and Rachel were able to come over from Ft. Worth!
Caleb has only been to these playgrounds a couple of times, but he enjoys it! He doesn't seem to be too afraid of much!

One day we went to the mall to eat and play inside. Brady's cousins Caleb and Pacey got to come.
Brady is trying to enjoy indoor skating! As I get bigger and it gets hotter, the poor kids are having to entertain themselves more INSIDE! We do go swimming a couple of times a week. Thank goodness they play well together!

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