Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memphis Trip- May 21- June 3

Love my brothers!!
I think it's hilarious that kids and adults want my brother's autograph! He signs balls and other things after every game.

Ole Miss ended up doing great in the Regionals and made it to Super Regionals. It was so exciting! #1 is giving the crowd high fives. They ended up losing one game before the College World Series. So close!!

At more baseball...

The kids waited patiently to get on each truck. Eventually it got way too noisy with all the horns blowing, so we headed to McDonald's instead.

Amber and Elaine met us at "Touch a Truck" along with the Woodard family.

Germantown has the coolest day called "Touch a Truck." The city brings all sorts of vehicles for the kids to get in (police cards, fire trucks, haulers, hummers, diggers, etc.). We met friends there and it was so neat!

They have to see Zachary after the game. He's always all smiles!

Supa Star!!

Brady would yell, "Go Zachary!" He was actually really into the game!

Here's our first trip of many down to Oxford, MS to watch Uncle Zachary. We love baseball!!

I got to have breakfast with my sweet friend Karen. We always have a lot to catch up on!

We got to watch Uncle Micah play softball too! He and his buddies act like they are playing for the World Series, but it was fun!

We tried to get a group snap shot. Brady and Drew didn't cooperate. Isn't baby Jacob the cutest?

Poor Drew busted his lip while we were there. I think he still had a good time though!

Look how freezing Brady is!!

Josh drove in with Brady, so they got to come. Poor Josh only comes to Memphis about once a year. Somebody has to work to let me travel all over the country!!

We always have the best time with Kelly and her kids! We picked a super cold day to go to the sprinkler park, but the kids kept playing! Grace and Sarah hilariously pick up where they left off each time they see each other! Reminds me of me and Kelly in high school! So funny!

Here are only some of our kids!!! Kennedy, William, Caroline, Sammy, Hope, and Grace. We are missing Jacob and Brady.

One of my sweet high school friends, Jennifer Kennedy Tircuit had moved back to Memphis, so she and I and Denise all got together for a playdate. I just love when you can pick right back up with someone. God has blessed me so very richly with high school friends I still keep in contact with. Who knew we would still all talk after this many years. Please ignore my growing belly.

Micah was trying to make poor Riley dog go down the slides, etc. She was having none of it!

Memorial Day was fun! We went to Micah and Erica's house and walked to the park. We also had a cookout and lots of yummy food! Granna was trying to make us gain 10 lbs. over the 3 day weekend!

Crazy Uncle Micah! He's always a laugh a minute!
The plan was for Grace and I to have sort of a girl's trip before she goes to school every day in the fall. We were going to AL to see a friend of mine and go to the SEC baseball tournament and watch Uncle Zachary. Well, Ole Miss stunk it up in the tourn., so we landed in Birmingham and got right into the car and drove to Memphis. So much for a girls trip. Oh well! We were in Memphis a few days before Josh and Brady came. Grace LOVES her Aunt Erica!!

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