Wednesday, July 15, 2009

June- low key...sort of!

Floating! The best thing is that now she's a swimmer. I wouldn't go off and leave her totally unattended, but I don't have to be in the water. She can swim around and even dive for sticks!
She was learning to kick her legs with more strength.

Grace had swim lessons at Ms. Leslie's house for 2 weeks. These were so much better than the city lessons. She took with these other 4 kids, and really learned to swim this year!

Me and how I'm going to look in 40 years! This is my dad's mom, Mamaw!

Kelli and her husband Danny and his little boy, Daniel. Sweet new family!
My Daddy came from TN to sing the Lord's Prayer. He did a great job!

My cousin Hutch, Kelli's new hubby Danny, Jill's husband Alex, and my cousin Seth. All major cut-ups!

Kelli and her mom, my aunt Sheila. Whenever we need a break from life here, we go south an hour to my aunt's house. There's never a lack of excitement with her!!

June 12-13 was super crazy! We had had VBS all week, and I worked it like a crazy woman! On Saturday, my sweet, sweet cousin Kelli got married south of Ft. Worth so I stayed here. Josh's grandparents were also having a 60th anniversary party in Lubbock the same day and time, so he took the kids and went to West Texas. I guess you can see who got the camera. This is Kelli, her sisters Jill and Haylee, and my cousin Seth's wife, Jeannine. It was a family affair for sure!

Here's just an example of how I used to look (back in mid-June). I look even bigger now if you can believe it!

The team listening to Coach Josh's post-game speech! Really they were looking forward to the snacks!

June 6th Grace had her last t-ball game. She was sort-of into it. Daddy was super into it. He really wants her to play one more year so he can coach. Brady still won't be old enough to be on a team. We'll see what she has to say about that next spring.
Sweet girl on 2nd base. Unfortunately, we can already see that Brady will be the real ball player.

Alot of times after supper, the kids want to play outside with Daddy. Sometimes they ride bikes or eat a popsicle, but a lot of times they like to play t-ball.

We found a super duper slip n slide at Target, so we set that up a few times. My kids don't know how to slide on it, but they have fun anyway!

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