Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where have we been?

Brady LOVES ice cream!

On Memorial Day, we had a great family day. We went to the pool at our new city Athletic Center, and then had some ice cream. It was a very laid back day. I usually like to travel over holidays, but with gas so high--well, you all know how that is!
Grace and her cousin Owen watching the game.
Josh and Brady and my cousin Seth, and son Cade.

Below is my cousin Jill's little boy, Brett! He is PRECIOUS! Several months ago he was hit by a car when he wandered off the driveway into the street. God has done miracles to heal all his scars, wrist, etc. He is 6 weeks older than Brady. Over Memorial Weekend, his Daddy's police co-workers had a baseball fundraiser to help with his hospital costs. Here is all the fam at the baseball game. Brett still has a spot on his brain that will have further testing soon. If you think of it, please pray that God would completely heal little Brett's brain!

I know you're all beginning to wonder, does Dianna even check her blog? Will she ever update it? Well, I'm finally back. I have GOT to get Josh to teach me how to get the pics from the camera to computer. Our summer is turning out to be busier than our school year, and I am NOT liking that. Here are some pics of what happened in June. The kids are growing bigger and bigger, and playing more together. They are also fighting more! Yikes! How Brady knows how to aggrivate his sister I'll never know. Must be an innate brother thing!

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Carrie and Ross said...

Do I need to come over there and give you a short lesson on pic loading/unloading from the camera??!! :-) Love the blog.