Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking News....Okay, so a Little Old-

Here is the little peanut at 12 weeks. It is just amazing what God can do! The legs are already kicking strongly. Yes, we will find out what it is. No, we won't share the name again. Yes, we had to get on fertility drugs again. And yes, we were still shocked! I'm due Aug. 11, but have scheduled C-sections, so the doctor has already called the hospital and scheduled it for Aug. 3. Weird, I know. Talk about planned!
The kids were very happy, or at least Grace was. Brady had no idea what was happening or what his shirt said. Grace declared that it HAD to be a baby sister because she already had a brother. We'll see what happens.

Yep, if you can read the shirt, you got it! Brady is going to be a big brother! We told the kids Christmas morning because we knew they would not keep it a secret. We had him wear the shirt all day, and no one noticed but my mom. She said, "Oh Brady, what a cute Christmas shhhhhhh...what does that say?????" We had to tell my dad and brother. They never clued in.


Shana, Cory and Colton said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! So happy for you guys!

TXSkipper said...

How fun for us to be expecting at the same time - we are due August 9th with our 3rd!!! I don't have the benefit of knowing exactly when this one will arrive as you do, but how fun to get to do this together. Hope you are feeling well - and funny, we told our families on Christmas Day as well!

Debbie Willett said...

Congratulations...I know you are very excited and I am so happy for you guys.

The Flesher Family said...

That is so fun! Congrats on the news:)