Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grace's 5th birthday!!

At Chili's with the fam- good times! I am so thankful for this precious girl! She loves school, and loves life! She is happy and content with whatever we do each day, and loves to help mommy. She likes to sing and do art and dance. We had such difficulty conceiving a child at first, and I will always be so grateful for Grace and her sweet spirit! I love you, sweet girl!
From Mommy and Daddy...A Disney Princess game for the Wii

From Granna and Papaw she got clothes for her American Girl Bitty Baby, as well as spring clothes for herself. She also got a digital camera, which she loves!!

Sitting in anticipation of what was in those boxes!!

I feel sad for my sweet girl that her birthday is around a holiday. But I can't do anything to change it. On the 12th, her actual birthday, we were able to take pink donuts to her class to help celebrate. We opened gifts that night and she chose Chili's for dinner. Thank the Lord we didn't have to go to Chuck E Cheese again!

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