Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Party

We were super glad our cousins from Clyde could come and play and swim with us! Rebecca and Lou's 4 kids: Jacob, Madilyn, Benjamin, and baby Noah
Grace got to open all her gifts at home after the party. She got many craft kits (put together jewelry, painting, etc.), along with clothes and Barbies, etc. Too many gifts for a child of 5, for sure!

From L to R: Grandad (Josh's), Benjamin, Grammy with Brady, and Aunt Rhonda with Madilyn

Our cousin Pacey came over to watch the gift opening.

4 friends going down the slide

Thank goodness Daddy got in the deeper water. What pregnant lady in their right mind would wear a swimsuit at her daughter's swim party?
Brady was a little unsure at first, and never went down the slide, but he loved splashing in the water! Poor buddy still needs to pack on some pounds!

Grace, Greanley, and Katie loving the water!

Some of Grace's friends from school: Max, Maren, and Gracie. Our awesome gym had party rooms right next to the pool. For a small fortune, you could have it decorated and pizza and utensils were supplied. It was great! However, the kids cared nothing about the pizza and cake. They were ready to swim!!

Our great buddies and Memphis pals, Bowman and Paxton! Paxton had his 6th birthday party the next day!

Josh's grandmother and the kid's cousin, Benjamin! We went to Clyde and then they got to come see us! Josh's sweet grandparents have 16 great grandchildren ages 6 and under and they come to every party. Yes, read that sentence again! They are amazing and so loved!

Grammy and Pops, helping with Brady as always!

Focus on the sweet looking 5 yr old..not her mom growing bigger by the day!

We decided to have a swim party in February!! Many of our friends had already had parties at Pump It Up, gym places, etc. and we were looking for something different. Our gym is awesome and has such a great indoor pool/activity area. So we chose that along with Grace's continual love for princesses. This year was Ariel. This was the first year not to have my mom's help with the cake, and it took 5 hours!! The things you do for your kids! Oh well, at least it turned out close to what Ariel should look like....all to be eaten in 5 minutes!

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